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Bekant Desk / Table - Half-Moon Semi-Circle - Hack advice requested!

Does anyone here know whether the Bekant casters that Ikea sells nowadays would fit a Bekant table that was sold as an office desk,  and that Ikea recently discontinued? 

And has anyone used a different set of casters with this product?

This item was shaped as a halfmoon, or semi-circle (see below for the item number and a picture)

#903.724.54 = item number, discontinued in 2021

Looks like this: 


I bought two of them, and for a long time, I pushed them together to use as a dining table and worktable. Now I have placed them separately. But sometimes I would still like to push them together to use as a round table. And the height is a bit low for seated work, in any case. That's why I want to put each table on wheels (casters).





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Thanks so much for reaching out! We unfortunately can’t confirm the compatibility of these items at this time, given that the table is discontinued. However, hopefully some other users can chime in!

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can ever look into anything else for you.

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