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Varmblixt donut lamp sold out already?

Has the VARMBLIXT LED table/wall lamp, orange glass/round sold out already or has it not arrived in stores yet? where's the donut lamp!

donutlamp by New Contributor
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TYSSEDAL nightstand HELP!

Has anyone put one of these together? I have a question re step 2. When screwing the metal slides for drawes in, the screws don't go all the way in. Is thus normal? Or should screws go all the way to touch metal side?It just seems like the slides are...

CF06 by New Contributor
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Delivery Issues

How do you get IKEA's attention on how unprofessional the delivery team is when they arrive at your home. I've never in my life witnessed anyone dealing with customers as bad as these people. First they refused to deliver to the proper area in our co...

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Tim by New Contributor
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Carb 2 Compliant

Hi, does anyone know if any of the bedroom dressers at Ikea are Carb 2 Compliant and if they are, why doesn't Ikea advertise that they are Carb 2 Compliant.

jojos by New Contributor
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Received my order. One dish chipped in transit. Any way to replace it?

BESTA Component Damaged on Arrival

Hi, I ordered a BESTA tv storage units for CAD $399 and one of the components (the middle of the front side of the top panel) arrived damaged. When my order got delivered, the delivery driver put the piece down in my apartment with the damage facing ...

Yuuuuuu by New Contributor
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Laundry Room Cabinet Stock

It seems all of the items in the laundry room cabinet section, the Enhet line are out of stock online or in stores. Does anyone know when was the last time these items were in stock or how often they come back into stock? We are looking to have cabin...

beav by New Contributor
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Resolved! Curtain length

Did the curtains used to come in 118” length? Will Ikea be bringing these back does anyone know? I’m looking for Ritva , Silverloon, or Hilja in 118” length? Im tempted to drive to US to purchase. But they are way more $$ plus I need to add in conver...

KA by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Gyllen 56 lamp screws

I lost the 6 screws that go with this lamp. Can anyone tell me what size and threading they are? This item is circa 2009.

Drawer dimensions.

Can anyone explain to me the difference between the "depth" of a drawer and the "Frame, Depth"?

ADL by New Contributor
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Hood Fan Knob

After hours and hours of phone calls and an online chat with a CSR we are still no closer to replacing a knob for our #Ömsinnad hood fan. This is a single knob that operates the fan and the lights. The first time it broke was less than 3 months into ...

KitKat by New Contributor
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