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Glass door insert for KALLAX

On the EU website, there is an option for glass door inserts for the KALLAX (

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emilyvg by New Contributor

Boxspring for Bed frame?

I am buying a bed frame. I am wondering if a boxspring can be accommodated or if it is necessary. What is the comfort level without one?

  • 2 replies
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Ali001 by New Contributor

Missing Refund

I was told my refund for an online purchase was processed May 14. It's been 7 business days but I still haven't received my money back. Any ...

  • 2 replies
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MSharp by New Contributor

lost code to access Gallant cabinet

Just installed a Gallant cabinet which has a 3 digit combination lock. Before I could set the code it was changed without my knowledge. Of c...

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johnp by New Contributor

GRUSNARV & mattress thickness.

Hello,Looking to see if anyone with very thick mattresses have bought this protector and if it fit. I just ordered a Logan and cove full/dou...

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Zathereth by New Contributor

Resolved! Adjust Utrusta Horizontal Hinge

Any suggestions on how to even the gap?  we have tried each of the 3 adjustments shown in the instructions but to no avail.

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Holding by New Contributor II

Resolved! BROR work bench measurements

Hello,We're trying to figure out what will fit on the shelves of the BROR work bench. What is the distance between hole centres (of the post...

  • 6 replies
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home123 by New Contributor II

Resolved! Programme revendez-les

Bonjour, pour revendre les meubles avec ce programme il faut prendre 4 photos dont le logo Ikea ou le numéro d'article du produit. Le problè...

  • 5 replies
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Doudou2022 by New Contributor II
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