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Parcel Delivery Inquiry

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has ordered any parcel delivery recently, could you share your experience on how long the delivery took compared to the estimated date?I’m located in the Toronto area and am debating if I should get parcel delivery...

Xrvyn by New Contributor
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Kitchen cabinets

Hi there, there are shortages with the kitchen cabinets that I need. Does anyone know if different doors fit different cabinets (ex ENHET doors on SEKTION, etc ); is the same hinge used for all cabinet doors, are they interchangeable?

LF by New Contributor
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Resolved! Environmental Waste at Ikea

I want to share an experience I had today. My wife and I went to the Ikea restaurant in Richmond, BC, and we both ordered salmon. The server started serving it on paper plates. I asked him to use reusable plates. He refused. A stack of real plates wa...

Poang Chair parts

While moving my daughter broke one of the back supports on her poang chair. When I looked online for the part number there were only part numbers for the bolts. Is it possible to order a horizontal back support?I would hate to have to throw out her f...

Delivery or Pick Up in NB

Does anyone know why home delivery is not available in New Brunswick even though on the item page the items have a green dot for delivery to my home address? When I process through to the shipping page it says it is temporarily not available. Does an...

JMShaw by New Contributor
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Resolved! Cabinet base frame

Most of the cabinet base frames are out of stock in every store, is there any approximate date for them to be in stock again? Is that a matter of weeks or months. I am going to order my kitchen island and the 3 cabinet base frames are out of stock un...

Ati by New Contributor
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Resolved! Kitchen island countertops

Kitchen island countertops depth are customizable? Or they just comes on just one size ?

Ati by New Contributor
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Sannahed discontinued

Are the Sannahed frames being discontinued, or is this a supply chain problem? A shipping issue? I can't seem to get any answers concerning this... anyone?

Cannot figure out step 41

Hello,I acquired the Galant filing unit (with a single drop-file drawer), and I cannot for the life of me figure out step 41 in the assembly instructions - the top drawer's back plate has two cavities for the rails to hook into, but doing so pushes t...

crsh by New Contributor
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Curtain length

Are all Ikea Curtains the same length? I need a shorter curtain (about 84'). What should I do? Please advise. Thanks

Polly by New Contributor
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