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New Kitchen Panning tool - switching to metric system

Hej IKEA Community!I have been playing around with the new kitchen planner, and it's awesome. One thing that I can't seem to figure out is how to switch to metric system so it shows meters/centimeters/millimeters instead of inches and ft? Is it possi...

Maximera drawer dimensions

Hello, I’m looking at installing the Maximera slide out drawers.The inside to inside dimension of my cupboard is 15.5” . Would the 15x24 drawers work for me? The frame states it’s 15” but not 100% sure if it would still work.

Peebly by New Contributor
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Kitchen Designs Missing

Does anyone know how to recover saved kitchen designs from the previous planner? All of my designs that are only 5 or 6 months old are now gone?

Dels by New Contributor
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Äpplarö Foldable Chair

Hi Ikea Community!I was wondering if I was the only one struggling to fold back my Äpplarö chair?I loosed some screws, thinking I tighten them so hard, but still unable to fold back the chair to store it...Anyone has a tip for me ?Thanks!!

MG93 by New Contributor
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Sekton upper corner cabinet

Just got my corner cabinet up and I have a big white strip where it bits against the next cabinet. Is there a laminate strip to go there?  

jMK by New Contributor
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Karlby Edging Strip

Hello,I recently purchased a Karlby countertop from the second-hand section at my local Ikea. Since it was second-hand it did not come with any edging strips. As I will be cutting it down, I am curious if there is anywhere to purchase these separatel...

erikvalen by New Contributor
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Frustration ordering

My daughter and I travelled an hour to the closest Ikea. She found a bed she loved, but not in stock. Stock person right in that dept said they were expected in a couple days and we could order it to be delivered to our home when it was back in stock...

sandyw by New Contributor II
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Recommendations for a large computer stand

Hi folks, I have a much larger-than-usual gaming computer, and I need a piece of furniture to support it well off the floor, ideally something with a shelf that I can put a modem and other networking hardware on, as it'll be right beside the internet...

hoylemd by New Contributor II
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