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Missing part from TARVA - no part number

I’m missing a part from my bed frame ( however of the parts listed in the beginning of the manual, the only part that is shown without a part number is the one I’m missing (one of the two l...

JacobL by New Contributor II
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Komplement drawers

I have been on a hunt for the komplement drawers 13 1/4” x 16 7/8”. I’ve been looking for years. Originally it said they were out of stock but now it’s not even an option. Have these been discontinued? I just want to finish my closet.

Md by New Contributor
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Nyhamn sofa bed not a flat bed

Did I put this thing together incorrectly or does it always have a slight slope to half of it when it’s laying flat for sleeping? The side of the bed that fold up to make the back rest of the couch slopes toward the middle when it is in bed position....

VF by New Contributor
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Wire Issue

I recently obtained an LINNMON / ADILS (Table) for my computer. The only issue I have is that there are a bunch of wires on the floor and it doesn't look too good. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Snevyl by Moderator
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Folding table and chairs

Does anyone remember the little brown folding table that stored folding chairs inside?it was about 40 cm wide with the tabletop sides folded down. 4 chairs would store inside. I'm trying to find the name of start. Many thanks

Justmee by New Contributor II
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Sofa bed

Hi, I've been waiting for this sofa bed for quite sometime now. I see 2 pieces of the one that I want to purchase (attached image) at the Etobicoke store but not available anywhere online. Why is it on display anyway in the store?Is there a open box ...

Neh01 by New Contributor
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unavailable products found on ebay

We're trying to install a large number of BOAXEL shelves in our house. We found all the items we need except the brackets. It appears that people buy such small but important parts and sell them for a profit on ebay and other sites. Check this one - ...

Suman by New Contributor II
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Hauga coulissante

pensez vous que je peu monter la hauga penderie a porte coulissante dans une autre piece pour ensuite la deplacer dans « sa piece »ma porte est ouverture standard

Kimbbb by New Contributor
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Resolved! NORRFLY mounting plate

Now that the norrfly has been discontinued, was wondering if anyone knows how I am able to get ahold of the mounting plate for the 55mm variant?

Asking for help on a IKEA gift card purchase

Dear IKEA Community, I apologize for asking about this peripheral matter, but please understand this was my last resort.My younger brother, who is currently residing in Ontario, is about to move out and live on his own after college graduation. Due t...