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Karlby Edging Strip

Hello,I recently purchased a Karlby countertop from the second-hand section at my local Ikea. Since it was second-hand it did not come with any edging strips. As I will be cutting it down, I am curious if there is anywhere to purchase these separatel...

erikvalen by New Contributor
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Frustration ordering

My daughter and I travelled an hour to the closest Ikea. She found a bed she loved, but not in stock. Stock person right in that dept said they were expected in a couple days and we could order it to be delivered to our home when it was back in stock...

sandyw by New Contributor II
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Recommendations for a large computer stand

Hi folks, I have a much larger-than-usual gaming computer, and I need a piece of furniture to support it well off the floor, ideally something with a shelf that I can put a modem and other networking hardware on, as it'll be right beside the internet...

hoylemd by New Contributor II
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Ranarp Work Lamp with Tradfri dimmer stopped working

Has had this combo for about 18 months but it stopped working - ie pressing on the remote does not turn the light on.So is the remote out of power or is the bulb burnt out? Unfortunately I don't have any other ikea lamp to test this out with.Thanks

Patrick by New Contributor
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Sink overflow

what’s wrong with my overflow set up? my kids flood my floor couple days ago because they overfill bath sink. I checked the drain and everything looks good to me but water doesn’t go in to overflow until you open drain and then overflow begins to do ...

Igor by New Contributor
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Alternative to the Mittback trestle

So far this has been the only place I have found that lets me communicate to Ikea. My question is: does anyone know of a retailer that carries an item like the Mittback trestle? I ask because for over a month now I have asked Ikea to inform me when t...

IVAR Corner Shelves

We are looking for an IVAR corner post and the small shelves. They are no longer available in Canada.

cmuyres by New Contributor
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return with no receipt

I bought the Tossberg chair but lost my receipt. The chair is in brand new spotless condition. Will ikea let me return this for store credit?

HÄRLANDA loveseat sleeper section

If I get the HÄRLANDA loveseat, the HÄRLANDA corner section and the HÄRLANDA loveseat sleeper section, will there be any difficulty in opening the sleeper when it is all assembled together?

Retired by Not applicable
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