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Different colours for LINDÖJA

When searching for LINDÖJA online I noticed that different regions carry different colours. Canada has Green and BeigeUSA has Green, Beige, and BlackPhilippines has Green, Beige, Black, and BlueI'm wondering if there's a way we can get access to thes...

jg82 by New Contributor
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Flisat children’s book display discontinued?

Hello I can’t find flisat Children’s book display on Ikea website anymore. Is it officially discontinued? Reasons? I can only find them on Amazon and the price is twice or triple the regular price which is scary. 

Annie by New Contributor
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Need replacement bolt for POÄNG chair

I have a pair of POÄNG chairs. On one of my chars, a bolt snapped making the chair unusable.This bolt is located at the top of the chair where the arm connects to the back back support. The bolt is about 8cm long and has a large round head with a slo...

aazide by New Contributor
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Budget Sofa

Hey everyone! I'm looking to furnish my new apartment but I don't want to break the bank (thing is already holding on by a thread). Does anyone have any suggestions for a budget couch? The GLOSTAD (Loveseat) is looking like a top contender but I'd lo...

KageKun by New Contributor
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Resolved! 15x15x90 Pantry

I have 46 x 90space that I would like to fill with (3) 15x15x90 pantries. They need to be Kungsbacka to match the rest of my kitchen.I can not find the frame as a choosable item on the webpage and only as part of a whole pantry in ash 294.569.33 (the...

PolarBoy by New Contributor
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Replace Almaren pull-down kitchen faucet hose

Hello, I am looking to replace the braided pull-down hose in my Almaren kitchen faucet which has been leaking. The faucet is about 5 years old. No replacement hoses from big box stores or Amazon appear to fit. No spare parts appear on IKEA site. The ...

Website & Phone sending me in circles.

I have 3 #HEMNES# bookcases (1 glass door and 2 normal) which have shelves that sometimes fall down because the supports aren't long enough. I went to order parts and found that there is a recall

Jimmyjjj by New Contributor
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Flisat adjustable desk

1. Is the Flisat adjustable desk (and chair) discontinued? I can't even find it on line.2. If not, any idea when it may come back in stock? Anywhere in Ontario or for on line shopping.

Raluca by New Contributor
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Hasvik sliding doors

Hello,Does anyone know if you can install the Hasvik sliding doors onto the ceiling of a room to be used as a room divider?

DLG by New Contributor
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