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Home Smart

Welcome to the IKEA Home Smart board where you can discuss new products, share your wealth of knowledge and experience including setup guides, troubleshooting and queries. Here are a few helpful links in our IKEA Wiki board or pop your question in th...

a-gif-of-a-bedroom-with-a-smart-blind-moving-up-and-down-045a2f53a863d5392bdd57578d61055f.gif Home Smart.JPG
scbir1 by Community Manager
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Resolved! enhet base cabinet countertop

I have purchase one base cabinet for my laundry room and was wondering if I need any extra parts to place a countertop onto of this cabinet? Do I need any bracing hardware or can I just get the countertop cut to size and place on top?

Lori by New Contributor
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Kallax unit

Hi, Just wondering if the Kallax unit is sturdy enough to sit on. I was thinking about using a single (4 opening) shelving unit horizontally as a window seat. Has anyone ever tried it. would need to support maximum 200 pounds. Just wondering.Thanks,M...

"Now or Never" Komplement pull-outs and drawers?

Hi - We're putting in Pax closets in gray, have already installed the frames and shelves over the past few months, but the pull-out shelves and drawers we need have been constantly showing out-of-stock. Now they say "Now or Never", although there is ...

Angie by New Contributor
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Purchase History Discrepancy

I was trying to reconcile my IKEA purchases from last year and noticed that the charges just don't add up. For example I picked up from the store a Kallax unit and some other small items. There was a $20 discrepancy between my subtotal and total amou...

Sadie by New Contributor
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Frame only option for kitchen cabinets

I am trying to complete my kitchen reno creatively during this stock shortage by choosing similarly sized cabinets and modifying them for what I need. There is only 1 x 12" W base cabinet available in brown that I can paint white so I'll substitute w...

SusanT by New Contributor
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Out of stock items

I know that we are in difficult times. I’ve created a room design. The cabinets (BESTA) are available most of the time. Its the doors and shelves that are not. When I get an email saying the doors are in Stock, the shelves are not, and visa versa. I ...

Dini by New Contributor
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HEMNES Bookcase Glass Doors?

Does anyone know if IKEA sells glass doors that can be used on a HEMNES Bookcase? I know the older models had large glass doors, but IKEA no longer makes / supports those. I'm curious if anyone knows of a spot to order glass doors for the HEMNES book...

dota2dog by New Contributor
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Elvarli shoe self

Is the elvarli shoe self discontinued? I can’t find it anywhere! Not even on the website

Naomi05 by New Contributor
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Looking for replacement part/ actual name of item

Hello, we got this item from a friend but in transport we lost a leg The sticker calls is INGO but when i try to search it it comes up with no matching items Anyone know the actual name of this item? about 4 feet long and 3 feet high, all pineReally ...

20220402_110525.jpg 20220404_123752.jpg

Replacement parts for DOCKSTA table

   Hi,I need some replacement screws for the DOCKSTA (Table).I’ve searched the part numbers in the “replacement part” section of the ikea website but they don’t seem to be available. im wondering if there’s any way to get a holdof these screws. I hav...

72148C82-8F4D-401E-92DE-AC41C6E39D18.png A27BC1CD-772A-463D-926E-42B3303149A2.jpeg 52D0A4AB-44A8-4246-9DFC-FEA4CBDD7E01.png
IkeALEX by New Contributor
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Can't find Kolbjörn?

I am trying to find the Kolbjörn shelving products on the website and it says it can't find them. When I google them, the series comes up on the website. I was at my local Ikea in Edmonton and saw the product in-store myself so I don...

Lex by New Contributor
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