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Resolved! non-ikea Queen mattress for malm pull up storage

Hi there,I have a 80" by 60" Queen mattress that I'd to use with MALM pull up storage (queen sized). The mattress supported size is length: 79 1/2 " (202 cm) and width: 59 7/8 " (152 cm), so we're a little off...From your experience will it still fit...

goods not received

I received most of my order. But the tape measure was missed to deliver to me. And one POKAL glass was broken. Could any customer service contact me today?

Wenyi by New Contributor
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Eket wall mounted shelving unit (70x35x70cm)

Can i install 2 eket shelving unit (894.352.21) 70x35x70cm over my desk for additional storage? Similar to the 591.892..12 (175x25x70) combination. Will it be safe and secure? how much weight will t be able to hold at that height? Your guidance and s...

Help Finding IKEA Replacement Panels

Hi all, We have a number of ikea cupboards all with the SELSVIKEN or GLASSVIK in "high-gloss light grey-green" panels on the front. We have moved house and wanted to add another cupboard along the wall in the new house (more space). Problem is the gr...

vudiq by New Contributor
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DATA cutlery

I'm wondering if anyone has any information about whether the DATA line of cutlery is going to be brought back more widely. I bought this set many years ago and would love to add more, but it's really hard to find in Canada (and very expensive second...

carolynv by New Contributor
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HEMNES Underbed storage box

I was looking at buying a Hemnes bed with 2 underbed storage boxes. I noticed that these boxes run on casters. Will they roll on a medium pile/plush carpet or is a hard floor surface required?

SLMc by New Contributor
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Delivery update

My delivery update is stuck on "we are packing your order". The delivery is estimated for today between 9.00am and 5.00pm but the update has not changed. Has anyone encounter this before?

GTL by New Contributor
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New Kitchen Planning Tool Problems

I've been using the older 20/20 based kitchen planners for years. The new one is very pretty but it's freaking me out a little. First, I've lost all of the designs I was working on!! Second, there are bunch of things I can't figure out how to do.- Mo...

rideau by New Contributor
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Kabbarp legs for Eket

Can I install Kapparp legs (meant for Besta) on the Eket four cube unit? There are no pre-drilled holes on the Eket so not sure if doing this will split the wood.

julie12 by New Contributor
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