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Aurdal Closet System

I am trying to figure out measurements for an entrance closet using the aurdal system. I am going to use 2 side panels, (1 up against the wall) and then 2 adjustable rails (1 high and 1 low) that will go from the side panel to the wall. I am confused because I the width is 43" (from the baseboards) and 45" wall to wall. The baseboard is 1". Should I cut the baseboard?

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Hej Benny,

Thanks so much for reaching out! We love to hear about IKEA projects - and even more so when we can help!

We can recommend exploring our AURDAL planner if you’d like to get a 3D visualization of your planned design.

In regards to your specific question, please link us to a few specific product article numbers so we can take a closer look.

Talk soon!

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