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Alternative to the Mittback trestle

New Contributor

So far this has been the only place I have found that lets me communicate to Ikea. My question is: does anyone know of a retailer that carries an item like the Mittback trestle? I ask because for over a month now I have asked Ikea to inform me when they will have stock and each time the in stock date gets farther away, such that I feel i am being scammed somewhat. Unfortunately Ikea also does not offer an online order, so it is either find an alternative or - wait, wait,wait wait and....... wait.







Hej  @Tangofiend, Thanks for asking. We apologize for the delay. It does look like our MITTBACK (Trestle) is available in some of our IKEA stores, however, we are experiencing some stock delays and we're very sorry about that. If you can write back with which IKEA store you'd be visiting, we'd be happy to look into this for you. 

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