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Alex units not the same height.....

Hi there,

I like the Alex desk, and wanted to put two of these against each other in our home office so my wife and I face each other.  We bought the Alex drawers, and the alex with the file cabinet drawer.  These two alex pieces are listed as the exact same size.  We used the Aldsi legs and the Lagkapten desk top.

The Alex unit with the regular drawers (not the file cabinet one) has a top piece with pre-drilled holes to go into the Lagkapten desk top.

I've assembled everything and have two problems:

1) on the file cabinet Alex, there are no pre-drilled holes on the top piece to attach it to the Lagkapten piece likje there is on the other Alex, so It does not attach properly.

2) the two different Alex units are not the same height (Although the products are listed as the same height), so when our desks are setup the way we want, the side with the file cabinet drawer is a bit taller, so the two desktops are not the same level on that side of the desks.  I can add some spacers to the bottom of the shorter Alex to try and get them to be level with each other, but then it looks a little funny on the floor as there is a much larger space on one side.

Any one have any ideas?

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Hej  @ryanallison99! Thanks for sharing this. That is very odd. Would you be OK with sharing some pictures demonstrating the difference?

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Please see photos attached. The alex units are not the same height even though the product measurements show that they are. I have solved the problem by adding shims between the alex and the lagkapten on one side. It's not perfect, but at least the two desks are the same height now.





Thanks for sharing this with us,  @ryanallison99. We appreciate the feedback and will be forwarding it for review. 

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Have you thought of maybe adding some kind of thin extra layer between the bottom of the cabinet and its wheels instead of adding height at the top? That'd eliminate the ugly gap at the top. Maybe get a thin piece of plywood, paint it white, glue it to the bottom and screw in the wheels? Or use thin squares to add to each corner (not the whole bottom) and add the wheels?