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Sektion Cabinets suspension rail

We’re all set to install our new Sektion cabinets as  a “Pantry Wall”, (just waiting for the paint on the wall to dry). 
Reading through all the instructions I can’t seem to find any reference as to what size screws to use for the suspension rails and they weren’t included. We’re attaching to 2” x 4” wall studs at 16” spacing.   Thanks. 

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Hej Frank! Thanks for joining the community. Please note that fastening devices for the wall are not included since different wall materials require different types of fastening devices. We recommend visiting your local hardware store to discuss what type of fasteners would best suit the wall you have. 

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How did your suspension rail install work out? I am planning something similar and also have a question which perhaps you or someone in the community can answer. 


The instructions for sektion suspension rail say to hang it on the drywall with screws in each stud plus one screw midway between studs. In my experience the anchor in the drywall at mid span will not give much support for a heavy cabinet.  So my question is...

Will the screw in the drywall anchor add any support or should I leave it out? Is ikea assuming I will cut open the drywall and put blocking behind the rail to hold a screw?

Is one screw per stud enough to hold the rail and cabinet?