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SEKTION above fridge cabinet: Conflict with MAXIMER drawer VOXTORP doors

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Doors block the movement of the slide-out shelf.Doors block the movement of the slide-out shelf.I have a SEKTION above fridge cabinet where I want the pullout MAXIMER drawer and VOXTORP doors. (The doors for the SEKTION cabinet use UTRUSTA hinges). The problem is the inside width of the drawer is too wide such that the doors block the drawer from pulling out to access the back of the drawer.
Is there an alternate solution where I can have the doors but a different pullout drawer that is solid and flat. (Width 30", Depth 24")




Thanks for getting in touch with us about this! We’re sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been facing.

It looks like you don’t need too much extra room. If you turn those screws on the outside of the hinges, you can adjust the connected doors in various directions. This is also depicted in the hinge assembly guide if you wanted a visual of how this works.

You may be able to move the doors outward just enough so the drawer has space to slide out.

Please let us know if this works.

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I'm having the same problem.  I have 3 MAXIMERA drawers with UTRUSTA drawer fronts and a VOXTORP door. The drawers are either too wide to come out past the door or it's impossible to have the door flush on the inside to allow  the drawer to come out. I have adjusted the hinges several times in many positions without success. I'm looking for a solution as well. Currently this is not going to work at all.  Thank you


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As Kookie noted, trying to adjust the hinges to allow the drawer to pull out will result in a gap between the doors when they are closed. I tried to adjust the hinges many different ways also will no success. 
Are there other options for pull out drawers for the requirement presented here?

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Do you have any other suggestions on a sliding shelf solution while keeping the doors?