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Ikea Sektion Base Cabinets

Has Ikea stopped selling just the base cabinet in brown? They seem to only them in some sizes that come with the drawers, etc already but they do not have the sizes I need. It doesn't give me the option to change the white one to brown when just buying the frame itself. Anyone know?

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Hello Kpicanco! Thank you for reaching out to us. We are currently shifting production for our wood effect brown SEKTION cabinets to ensure we can continue to offer the white SEKTION cabinets as they are in higher demand.   As a result, we are experiencing limited supply, impacting availability of all of our wood stained brown SEKTION cabinets. While we cannot guarantee when supply will be available, we anticipate delays will continue over the next several months. We truly thank you for your understanding . For further assistance we invite you to send us a private message with the details of your inquiries so we can look into it for you. 

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I was actually wondering the same thing, so thank you!

I'll be building a wall unit our of SEKTION tall cabinets for general stoage in my appartment, sometime down the road (probably late summer or early fall), and was hoping it was just supply chain restrictions, not a discontinuation.

You made my day!

Looking forward to seeing the new project!

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