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Resolved! Wall Cabinets not in Blue?

I'm interested in the Sketion Axstad cabinets in matte blue. There are numerous options for base cabinets in that colour, but none for wall ...

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CF by New Contributor

corner cabinet hinge

comparing the hinge “screw” holes from left to right is there a smaller hinge that i’m missing or was this door hinge drilled to small on on...

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smc by New Contributor

Cabinet match to Grimslov white

I have 4 Grimslov off-white pantries that I'd like to incorporate into a new kitchen. I'm planning on using Axstad matte blue for the base c...

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CZ by New Contributor

sektion cabinet

Hi,There are 15x15 cabinet available in brown but not in white. Will be there be a white version of this cabinet in the future? https://www....

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eldee by New Contributor II

Resolved! EKBACKEN Countertop twisted and cupped

Is it normal for the EKBACKEN (Countertop) I ordered to arrive twisted and cupped?Screwing it down to the cabinets might straighten out the ...

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josh by New Contributor II

Sekton upper corner cabinet

Just got my corner cabinet up and I have a big white strip where it bits against the next cabinet. Is there a laminate strip to go there?  

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jMK by New Contributor

Resolved! Sektion cabinet doors - discontinued?

Hi there - does anyone know if Sektion cabinet doors (not baskets) have been discontinued? I wanted to replace my current ones but can't see...

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daisy_g by New Contributor

Ikea Sektion Base Cabinets

Has Ikea stopped selling just the base cabinet in brown? They seem to only them in some sizes that come with the drawers, etc already but th...

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Kpicanco by New Contributor

Why won't the ship the products east?

I ordered an entire kitchen worth of cabinets back in the fall and recieved most of them back in October and have managed to acquire everyth...

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Scott by New Contributor II

Sektion Cabinets suspension rail

We’re all set to install our new Sektion cabinets as a “Pantry Wall”, (just waiting for the paint on the wall to dry). Reading through all t...

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