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Resolved! ikea kitchen event

Does anyone know when the last kitchen event was and when the next one will be?

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yanakite by New Contributor

Kitchen Verification

I sent our Sektion Kitchen plan off for verification yesterday, and stipulated that there were design notes and item notes to be taken into ...

Resolved! How many Sektion Legs needed?

With Akurum, base cabinets needed two legs in front and the support rail in back. Is Section the same?Also, the base corner cabinet with car...

Resolved! Questions about kitchen buying.

This is not our first IKEA kitchen. We successfully planned and installed an Akurum kitchen in our previous home. However, at that time we w...

Sektion base cabinet

which recycling bins fit in the 18" base cabinet for waste sorting with pullout drawer?

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Cyn by New Contributor

sektion cabinet island

Hi I want to build an island with 2 base cabinets with all drawers. is it possible to install an outlet plug to it? if yes, how can i do tha...

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eldee by New Contributor II

Sektion wall cabinet

Is it ok if I don`t install the back panel of a wall cabinet? I would like to have a backless wall cabinet.Thank you.

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eldee by New Contributor II

Resolved! sektion high cabinet

Hi,If I use the sektion 90' high cabinet for microwave and oven, can I use appliances from a different branch such as a Bosch oven and a Kit...

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eldee by New Contributor II
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