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sektion cabinet

Hi,There are 15x15 cabinet available in brown but not in white. Will be there be a white version of this cabinet in the future?, there are Axstad 15x...

eldee by New Contributor II
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Resolved! EKBACKEN Countertop twisted and cupped

Is it normal for the EKBACKEN (Countertop) I ordered to arrive twisted and cupped?Screwing it down to the cabinets might straighten out the twist and keep the edges/ends down, but how to fix the cupping to butt it up against another EKBACKEN Countert...

josh by New Contributor II
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Kallax - adding inserts later

Given the current supply chain issues, I’m seeing kallax units, kallax inserts, and kallax bases going in & out of stock but never seemingly all in stock at the same time!Can I buy them all separately and then add together later i.e. specifically, ca...

hejoba by New Contributor
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Resolved! Maximera drawer set x3, 30" Sektion cabinet

I put together an island using 2 x 30" sektion cabinets. There are 3 drawers in each cabinet - 5", 10" & 15". I used the Ikea maximera hole drawer plan (recounted them all several times). Unfortunately the bottom (high) drawer is overlapping the midd...

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Rhonda by New Contributor
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Kallax/Lagkapten/Alex Combo

Hello,I was wondering if it's possible to make a desk with these components:- Kallax shelf unit (vertical w/3 cubes - 112cmx147cm)- Lagkapten connected to Kallax (159cm long)- Alex drawer unit as other leg (36cmx70cm)I've seen on the website the kall...

Katanna by New Contributor
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Sekton upper corner cabinet

Just got my corner cabinet up and I have a big white strip where it bits against the next cabinet. Is there a laminate strip to go there?  

jMK by New Contributor
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Resolved! Sektion cabinet doors - discontinued?

Hi there - does anyone know if Sektion cabinet doors (not baskets) have been discontinued? I wanted to replace my current ones but can't seem to find them online.

daisy_g by New Contributor
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Kallax dowel broke and stuck

So I was putting my #kallax together today. Everything was fine until the end. The short side shelf at the end slid sideways and broke one of the dowels. However one half is still stuck in the size. I've been trying to get it out with pilers on the b...

Ds by New Contributor
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Glass door insert for KALLAX

On the EU website, there is an option for glass door inserts for the KALLAX ( will they be available in North America? Thank you!

emilyvg by New Contributor
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Kallax inserts and door covers

Hi there,Looking at the Kallax and noticing there are other inserts available for paper trays and half shelves. Is there anyway to secure a door on the exterior of these so they can be covered up? Are there any full size doors which may work to cover...

teak by New Contributor
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