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Why the depth of PAX is 58cm while my closets are 50cm?

I measure both of my walk-in closets in my house in 50cm in depth (from wall to door frame). Why PAX "the depth is either 35 cm or 58 cm"?

The custom made closet system in my master room is 50cm, perfectly fits. Now the PAX, 35cm is obviously too shallow. 

Any advise? Can you recommend another system?

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Thanks so much for getting in touch with us. We’re sorry to hear that our PAX units don’t fit perfectly within your home closet. Unfortunately, they only come in the depths you described.

In terms of alternatives, we can recommend some of our premade wardrobes, such as the VISTHUS or HAUGA system. We can also recommend checking out our customizable ELVARLI system, which is a different style than the PAX, but may be up your alley as well.

We hope this information helps.

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