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pax shelving/drawers w/komplement hinges

I have a pax wardrobe. draws in the bottom half, shelves in the upper half. I go to add the fardal doors w/komplement hinges only to find out the hinges don't fit with the drawers. anyone else have this problem? seems a little ridiculous that the hinged doors wouldn't be compatible with the drawers.

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It is a limitation of PAX/KOMPLEMENT that drawers and hinges can't share the same space, but it was a design compromise - the alternative would have been for IKEA to use narrower drawers to allow for hinge clearance, which doesn't seem like a better solution.
But there isn't a fundamental incompatibility with doors and drawers, you just need to make some ajustments.

Common solutions are to have a space at the bottom (for boxes or shoes or whatever), or putting a KOMPLEMENT (Shoe shelf) or KOMPLEMENT (Mesh basket) in the bottom position.



thanks for the confirmation. I've made my adjustments. still a big of rubbing on side but it's adequate. as for the smaller drawer, less a 1/4" total on the width would have done it without giving up any noticeable space. so this is definitely a design flaw rather than a compromise. for cheap furniture, I find their specs/tolerances are generally close enough. given that, I can't see someone intentionally creating this situation where their out 1/8" per side.

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I have this problem also and have to agree that it's a design flaw. If the PAX is a cohesive system, then all the components should work together. Clearly this is a design flaw which IKEA should address, rather than slough it off with some piecemeal solutions. Frankbuford is correct in noting that the clearance is only off by !/8"  on each side, which would not compromise the size of the drawers very much at all if it was corrected. 1/8" is a scant 3 millimeters  btw.