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Pax drawers and door incompatible

New Contributor

We have five Pax wardrobes that we outfitted with drawers when we bought them a few years ago. They work perfectly.

Now we wanted to add doors and bought Tyssedal doors and Komplement soft-close hinges. Once the hinges and doors were installed, the bottom drawers will not slide out without hitting the hinge. They scrape against the hinge. I can see that this will quickly damage the drawer. 

In addition, the doors will not close properly. They hang ajar by about 3/8 inch. If we remove the drawer, the door hangs properly and shuts. 

Since we have no option as to where to install the hinges (their location is dictated by the door) there doesn't seem to be a solution to this. We have removed the bottom drawers to prevent damage, but this leaves a stupid gap at the bottom of the wardrobe where the drawer should be. 

Obviously, we can't be the first people to want to put doors on Pax wardrobes that also have drawers. What is going on here? Pax with drawers and doorPax with drawers and door Hinge is touching drawerHinge is touching drawer Gap where door doesn't shutGap where door doesn't shut




Thanks for reaching out about this! We’re sorry to hear that the combination you were eying didn’t work out as expected.

Unfortunately, our PAX systems aren’t set up to have these kinds of drawers placed next to hinges on the inside of the unit. Any of our PAX units with drawers like these have other elements directly next to the hinges that have more clearance, such as our KOMPLEMENT mesh baskets.

We can either recommend swapping the problematic drawers with these to provide more clearance, or using the bottom drawer slots as open shelves.

We hope this information helps.

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New Contributor

I have this problem also and have to agree that it's a design flaw. If the PAX is a cohesive system, then all the components should work together. Clearly this is a design flaw which IKEA should address, rather than slough it off with some piecemeal solutions. Another post revealed that the clearance is only off by !/8"  on each side, which would not compromise the size of the drawers very much at all if it was corrected.

1/8" is a scant 3 millimeters  btw.