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PAX closet system questions and suggestions.

I completely understand the struggles with supply issues. Although, there maybe something you have overlooked to elevate some of the disappointment and struggles your customers are facing. 

In the last 6 months we have completely renovated our main floor with an IKEA Kitchen and 4 large PAX systems for each closet, not an inexpensive adventure. Needless to say, I have become very savvy navigating the world of IKEA. You have excellent staff and resourceful ways to serve you customers.

Although, I have have had conversation and heard your customers disappointed conversation.  Some are walking away from a purchase due to not being unable to buy all of the items to complete their closet system. They are leaving empty handed and taking their dollars somewhere else.


I live in Ottawa. I have made an insane number of trips to this location in the past 6 months and now have almost all of the items we require to finish our renovation.


Here is an Idea you really should look into.
I am missing a 1- PAX cabinet 402.145.65 (50x35x236) and 2- Komplement pullout multi use hanger  802.624.89

As these are in my shopping list from my original PAX plan. My “daily” routine is to go to my list look and see if they are in. I am able to see if other locations have them in stock. 
Here is what is the frustration, I can see that North York has 25 in stock and Etobicoke has 22. These 2 stores are very close to each other. It is a 4 hour drive (1 way, so 8 h drive) for me to pick up at either of these stores and they do not deliver outside of there “area”. I can call your 1-800# and order them for click and collect at that location and then drive 8 hours to pick it up. This doesn’t really make sense there are 47 between the 2 locations.

With the present supply chain issues, You really NEED to rethink this….. 

You have the data in the “shopping list” that your customers are waiting for your products.
Why can’t a retail location request an item from another retail store? (You would make the sale)

Why would you send a large supply of them to 2 stores that are so close together?

Why would you not have a system at the warehouse where before you send them out to a retail location you have a list of customers waiting for that item at each store? You kinda already have this data.

Why not figure out how to let a customer get a product from a store not in their area?

It is definitely frustrating to know that the last large piece of my PAX system is available in large quantities but I have to drive eight hours to get it.




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Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I can certainly understand your disappointment, and I apologize that it is taking longer than anticipated for us to replenish our inventories for the items mentioned in your post. As for your feedback, it has been noted and shared internally for consideration. We truly appreciate your continued patience and understanding. 

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New Contributor

Thank you for your reply. 

Can you please assist me as to how I can purchase one of these cabinets without driving 8 hours to do it.

As you can see from my previous message. The frustration is due to the fact that at the time of writing 47 units were located in the same area, Toronto. It would be helpful for your customers to at least have them dispersed to different cities, not all in one.

I understand that; however, we do not transfer stock from one store to another, hence making it not possible to accommodate your request. If you'd like to discuss this with a customer service agent, please contact us at 1-866-866-IKEA (4532). Have a nice day! 

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New Contributor

Thank you for your reply. In my 6 months of procuring all of the items we required for our 5 PAX systems, I did discover you do not ship from store to store.

Can you please assist me as to how I order it from one of the 2 Toronto stores with a large amount of inventory and ship it to my home in the Ottawa area?
Driving 8 hours to pick up seems excessive.

Enjoy the day 🙂

New Contributor

Thanks for replying.
I have solved my own problem outside of IKEA assistance to either deliver to my home or pick up at the Ottawa store.

The nice ladies at customer service set up a click and collect for the North York store. My 70 year old uncle, who lives nearby will pick it up for me and store it at his house until we are able to drive 4 hours one-way and 4 hours the other to pick it up.

Definitely an area IKEA needs to improve is dispersing inventory equally amongst your stores or the ability to move products from one store to another especially during these difficult times with supply issues.


I will definitely post how beautiful my IKEA kitchen looks, my 5 PAX closets and some of the other creative things we’ve been able to do with our IKEA purchases. 

Enjoy the Day

Thanks for letting us know. We apologize we weren't able to be of further assistance but really look forward to seeing your project!

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