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My Pax closet white doors do not match each other

I put together a pax closet.

one side is 2 50cm pax frames with white panel 2 doors

I used these doors



I wanted a sliding door that looks similar so I purchased



the sliding door was sold out so I had to wait 3 weeks for it to arrive.

It arrived recently and it was the final part for this closet.

I removed the hinge doors so I wouldn't damage them, after I installed the sliding door I put the hinged doors on and noticed the WHITE is not matching.

both products are "white" but this "white" is not the same.

What can I do about this? It an eye soar for me I'm disappointed that my new finished pax doesn't look right







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Hej @OWB 

Thanks for posting on the community. I want to apologize for the trouble you had to experience with your PAX system, and can imagine how frustrated you must be. If you believe that the paint colour is defective and you aren't satisfied, I suggest you exchange or return your GRIMO doors with your receipt.

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