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Komplement drawer and pull out tray discrepancy

Hi there,Hi there,I currently have the Komplement drawer that measures 96.4 cm but is advertised as 100 cm in the title. I am interested in buying the 100 cm pull out tray but when I look at the measurements online on the item description it says that the width is 100 cm for the pull out tray. I am wondering will this fit in my closet as the Kompliment drawer 100 does fit my closet but measures less than 100cm. or will it be too big because drawer and the pull out tray have different measurements? And if so, why is there a discrepancy between the two biggest sizes of drawer and tray? Any help is appreciated.



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Thank you for being part of the community.

This is a very good question. I will reassure you that you can install a pull out drawer 100 cm in your Pax Wardrobe frame 100 cm: 

If you look at both links you will see that the interior measurements are 96.2 cm for the pull out drawer and the Pax wardrobe frame, there is no problem to install the pull out drawer inside the frame.

I understand your confusion because for example the pull out drawer in white & even in dark gray show 100 cm as the total exterior measurement:

There's a mistake in the drawing measurement, thank you for noticing it, we will have it corrected.

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