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Help! I bought sensor lights for my wardrobe, but it doesn’t have doors so the lights just stay on

@hhrahman and many others have found themselves with motion-sensor lighting that won’t turn off!

It’s super frustrating when the finishing touches to your wardrobe aren’t going how you would’ve liked. So an IKEA lighting expert helped us figure out what’s happening there.

Here’s the issue
The #ÖVERSIDAN lights have light sensors integrated into them, so they need the darkness of the closet door closing to switch off. Without doors, they won’t ever turn off!

And here’s the solution
The best way to complete your doorless wardrobe is by switching to a smart solution. The difference is this: in smart lights, there is a motion sensor that’s separate from the lighting itself. 


This means you can put the motion sensor wherever you want, and when you trigger it, the lights in your wardrobe will turn on.

As for that #ÖVERSIDAN light you now have going spare, why not put it somewhere else like a shelf?

Using sensor lights with your furniture is a great way to make them your own, have you tried it before? If you have, we’d love to hear about it so you can inspire others in our community ⬇️

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