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Build and room height

New Contributor

I am wanting to buy a PAX wardrobe system but I’m concerned about room height. The taller unit just fits in the room height space. I have a half inch difference between the height of the unit and the ceiling. Before I purchase and have this unit shipped to me I am curious as to how I will put this together since I cannot build on the ground and flip it upwards. How does one build it with that little clearance. Looking for some insight. Thanks in advance



Hej  @EatDessert1st! Thanks for joining the community! This is a great question. As you said, the clearance you have isn't enough to build the unit on the ground to then lift it onto your wall. A solution to this would be to assemble it directly into the wall. Here is a screenshot for reference:


You should be able to find this step in the assembly guide of your PAX (Wardrobe). If you're having trouble finding it, please write back with the article number and we will be more than happy to take a look for you. 

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New Contributor


in the image it shows a clearance of >244 cm is required to lift up from the floor. Is this for 236 cm unit?