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can old tyssedal doors fit on new pax frames

We had a broken **bleep** in our mud room where we have 2 100cm pax frames and 4 tyssedal doors. I don't know the exact date of the frames and doors but I am estimating that they are at least 8 years old, if not more. Is it possible to purchase new p...


Can anybody help me answer if any of this side add on, can be customized by adding drawers? Thanks

cctc by New Contributor
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Pax doors???

I’m looking to purchase some 29.5” wide Pax frames. What doors will fit this frame? I can’t seem to find any. That all seem to start at 19.5” in width.

Teagarden by New Contributor
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PAX double clothes rail height

Hi,When assembling my PAX unit (236 cm one). I would like to know what is the recommended height for each clothes rail height if I want to install two in the same unit? Is there a height you always follow? Thanks!

Swarthold by New Contributor
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My Pax closet white doors do not match each other

I put together a pax side is 2 50cm pax frames with white panel 2 doorsI used these doorsBRESBO#299.041.78I wanted a sliding door that looks similar so I purchasedGRIMO#993.935.03the sliding door was sold out so I had to wait 3 weeks for i...

OWB by New Contributor
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Pax design question

 Hi all,i hope all is well.i would like to design 4x75 cm wide pax system with sliding doors. (Design number : L9YTZL)i am able to design it on the planner if I do not stick them together.if not, it won’t let me add sliding doors on the second

Natashad by New Contributor
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Pax series of wardrobes

I would like to suggest to your company about the suspension of sales of your Pax series of wardrobes for a period. Under in short supply of various parts circumstances to know how much manpower and material resources and time are wasted to put toget...

Lv123456 by New Contributor
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Why the depth of PAX is 58cm while my closets are 50cm?

I measure both of my walk-in closets in my house in 50cm in depth (from wall to door frame). Why PAX "the depth is either 35 cm or 58 cm"?The custom made closet system in my master room is 50cm, perfectly fits. Now the PAX, 35cm is obviously too shal...

hujirong by New Contributor
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PAX 100x35x236

I am looking to buy PAX wardrobe frames measuring 100x35x236 for my small apartment in Toronto, in any available color. IKEA has discontinued this item from their stores/ website in Canada. How can I obtain one or two such pieces? Any useful advice i...

Pax drawers and door incompatible

We have five Pax wardrobes that we outfitted with drawers when we bought them a few years ago. They work perfectly.Now we wanted to add doors and bought Tyssedal doors and Komplement soft-close hinges. Once the hinges and doors were installed, the bo...

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islander by New Contributor
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