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MALM Underbed Storage Box dilemma (drawers)

I own a MALM king size bed with the Underbed storage boxes/drawers to complete the design. One of the boxes/drawers broke (the lid came off, can’t be fixed since the pressed wood material just flakes away).

I would like to purchase a replacement but guess what, IKEA only sells them by 2 units together. Why can’t I just buy one storage box by itself? It makes absolutely no sense at all. I tried escalating to customer service and the only answer is: buy two (and throw one drawer in the garbage?)… 

Anyone has a suggestion other than buyin the two drawers and trying to sell one out on marketplace or something? I’m shocked there is no escalation path where we can have someone review an issue like this and make changes in how these are marketed. I can’t be the only person with this issue at hand.


What would you do?

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Hej  @EtobicokeDad, Thanks for reaching out and letting us know. We understand your concern and will be forwarding your feedback to the right department for review. For the time being, our MALM (Underbed storage box for high bed) are only sold in pairs. As much as we would love to help, there is no way to obtain a single one at the moment. We appreciate your understanding. 

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