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Malm bed slats

Hi. I purchased an older used Malm Queen Bedframe and the slats keep falling down off the rails. The slats are the flat style and there are two rows of them. The edges of the slats overlap the side metal rail and the center middle metal rail only abo...

Cat-T by New Contributor
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Malm 4 drawer dresser

I have completed building the dresser and drawers. Checked everything numerous times. When I try putting the drawers in place they get stuck. The drawers are about 3 inches open. The bottom drawer will fully close no problem, the rest won't. I have t...

cathyd43 by New Contributor
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MALM bed frame

Hello!I want to buy MALM bed frame, high, Queen. To tell the truth, of any colour, I just like the frame. I can see on the site that the frames of all colours are in-store stock. Anyway, the delivery is not available. I'd like to know what's the reas...

Nataly by New Contributor
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damaged dresser

I bought the MALM dresser yesterday. It's damaged product. I'm not able to go to the store. Because I live in island. How can I do?

lime0617 by New Contributor
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Malm bed - slats issue

Hello there. We purchased a full size Malm bed yesterday for my son. We bought the recommended Luroy slats for twin/full size. The problem is they are far too short and fall through. What can we do ? I checked the slats on the same Malm bed i bought ...

Resolved! non-ikea Queen mattress for malm pull up storage

Hi there,I have a 80" by 60" Queen mattress that I'd to use with MALM pull up storage (queen sized). The mattress supported size is length: 79 1/2 " (202 cm) and width: 59 7/8 " (152 cm), so we're a little off...From your experience will it still fit...

MALM Desk, black-brown Drawer 55 1/8x25 5/8 "

Hi, I have a Malm desk and I am in need of a replacement drawer. I tried to see if i could buy the drawer itself separately but unfortunately you only sell replacement bolts and screws. The drawer got lost when i was moving and I am hoping you may be...

vc by New Contributor
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Hej, J'ai acheté un matelas (MALM) en 2016, Le matelas a normalement 10 ans de garantie.Malheureusement, je ne peux pas trouver la facture pour l'échanger. Y a-t-il un moyen pour trouver la facture (duplicata) dans la base de donnée de IKEA? J'ai la...

Moj by New Contributor
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Resolved! Non-Ikea mattress with Malm

Hello, Does anyone know if a non-Ikea full mattress will fit the MALM High bed frame with 4 storage boxes?The measurements of the Malm bed are: length: 74 3/8" L x 53 1/8" W , and the measurements of a full mattress are: 74"L x 54"W. So, the mattress...

allyson by New Contributor
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Malm twin high frame bed

I just bought this with the Luroy slats and the bed was creaking like crazy whenever I turn on the bed. I had an older version of the Malm bed from 15 years ago and it was quiet for all this time. Just as a trial, I put the old slats (which were wide...

ssmc by New Contributor II
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Malm High bed

I bought the malm high bed without storage but I can’t find one bar to put in the middle of the bed and it doesn’t have a number to reorder.

Mikey by New Contributor
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