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What do you think of our new Community?

Tack! for being here. You make the community what it is. We think you're awesome. 

The Team at IKEA are listening out for your feedback. We'll use it to guide what we do to improve the space.


What works for you? Have you used other communities online? Suggestions for extra featuresPlease give us your first impressions, large or small, in the replies  👇

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New Contributor II

Hej @Retired . I am finding the navigation something of a challenge. I keep hoping I will understand how to get around (there seems to be a lack of breadcrumbs, but maybe it's just me). 

New Contributor

Biti!! I was coming on to say the same thing... (ok, maybe not the breadcrumbs part haha) 

I absolutely agree. Id like to think I am fairly savvy at least with the basics - However I got lost simply trying to find my way here.


New Contributor

An interesting idea to create an Ikea Community. We'll see how it pans out and what value it adds 😀

New Contributor


I'm new to this community. I have just completed outfitting my Airbnb with IKEA.

From glassware to cookware to bed and bedding. I'm loving how it turned out!






New Contributor

Hey Adam


I introduced myself in the introduction thread but it says under my name that I am a visitor - not a new contributor. How do I set that up? I signed in with my family membership email and password. Do I have another account I should sign in with? Not sure how this works. I have a new apartment and am making a list of things to get from the North York store - maybe I'll win the gift card!

Contributor II

It's part of a levelling-up system. Your title will change as you contribute to the community automagically 😄