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Community Manager
Community Manager

Tour of the community


Why not join us by creating a profile here 

Your community has three main rooms: 

  • Share Tips & Ideas - go to Inspiration or Sustainability to share your successes, your best tips, your challenges. Comment on your fellow contributors' posts, like and share. 

  • Ask Community - the help section: search for previous solutions, ask your questions, share your answers. Here you can ask specific questions about some of our most popular products: Malm, Pax, Sektion and Home smart in each designated board, or ask about whatever you want in the Ask Community board! We LOVE to know when the answer fits - mark it as the 'Accept as Answer' when an answer hits the spot.

  • IKEA Wiki - like the 'sticky post' you'll find in other communities, articles here hold the best of the community's knowledge. Your ideas can make it here, if they're good!

  • Socialpull up a seat, grab a coffee and chat with fellow community members about general topics of interest. Play games and have fun!


Also, don't miss: 

  • Welcome - This place, where we welcome new visitors in, and announce the occasional treat. Click to subscribe to this board under the 'Options' icon, just below the top image. 

  • Profile - Your a dashboard of activity. Enjoy the warm glow of your trophy case of badges. Track topics, and change your settings. This Profile is just for the Community - to manage your IKEA Family account, try the main website instead.

  • Help - FAQs about using the Community, itself. Some simple answers, and some functionality to satisfy the serious geek.

What haven't we mentioned? The people! You're what makes this place special. So come in and have fun!

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