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Introduce yourself - say Hej!

This thread is for our new joiners - help us welcome you aboard by saying Hej! Don't give us your private details, but share a little! What's your best beloved IKEA product?


(Tipyou can hashtag it to bring up our stock image).


I'll start. I'm Adam, I'm one of the team IKEA assembled to create this space. My favourite IKEA project would be a simple one, the sadly discontinued #Knotten - a nifty stand-up desk in a corner of my living room that I've been using as we created the Community space.


Here's a pic: Stand-up geekStand-up geek


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Absolutely in love with this bookshelf set-up!! 🤤

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Thank you so much!  We love it too!  xoxoxo

I love it. I recently purchased my first Billy and now want three more to make a wall unit like yours. 

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Hi Team IKEA!
Love seeing everyone's great living spaces!  We have been IKEA fans for many years.  Our favorite IKEA project is the BILLY bookcase system we installed in our Kitchen.  I've been working from home since COVID began, and I love glancing up and staring at our pretty shelves when I get bored on Zoom meetings.  LOL Have a great week! 🙂IKEA Billy System in our kitchen officeIKEA Billy System in our kitchen office

I love those plants up there. The green pops so we’ll agains the black-brown. I have that very same set-up so I think I’m going to try that myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Thanks so much!  My Sister has a local planter business and keeps me supplied with pretty plant babies! xo

The BILLY – you can't go wrong with a staple like that! Absolutely loving the colour balance you have going on with the beige baskets and greenery all around. Makes everything pop!

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The plants are a great touch!

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Hi, I'm Tania.  I have loved IKEA since I was a teen and I have so much that I love in my home.  I have 3 collections of BILLY (Bookcase)  (in two finishes), this is one of my sets, it is in the living room.  I am currently working on an entertainment center, but need a few more pieces for it before I will share it


Hi Tania! Welcome to the community 🙂  I also can't wait to see your entertainment center!

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Hej!  My name is Anthony.  I was really surprised to find this community board, today, when I went to go onto the website in order to update my information.  I will have to do some more exploring to see what The Community is all about.  I would have to say, my favourite item from IKEA is my #Jerker desk.  It has been long out of production, but I happened to find one in superb condition, and it even has the little filing cabinet with it!  I guess there is no picture available, as the hashtag did not bring one up.  I cannot take a picture of mine, as I am in the middle of packing up for a move.  I will have to take my desk apart, as it is so big, it will not fit through the doors all put together... LOL!!😅

That's it for now, I have to get busy.

Antony Louis I
New Contributor

Love IKEA, wish it was closer


Hej hej! As you can probably guess, the FJÄLLBO line is one of my IKEA favourites. I've always been a fan of the industrial yet altogether home-y vibe that the collection offers – perfect for a home workspace or a TV bench like in my setup at home!

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I love IKEA products and the brand’s commitment to sustainability! We decorated our home entirely in the Scandinavian minimalism style!!! My favourite ikea product is the karlby counter! What a great price for a wood counter instead of melamine! 


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Hej!  Like many here, I am also an Ikea lifer.  I first started going to the Ikea location in Richmond, BC, Canada as a small child.  I thought the ball room and play area were the best!  I furnished my first apartment entirely with Ikea and was very surprised when the delivery service beat me home that day!  I have been to Ikea stores in 4 countries around the world so far and hope to visit more.  I love Ikea!

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I'm Spencer

I've been an Ikea fan my entire life, going back to my childhood in the early 80's with my Mickel desk and shelf (I didn't have the stool though, I had a chair, and I had yellow plastic bins with wheels under the shelf)



I don't know that I can choose a favourite piece from Ikea though. The Mickel set definitely left a lasting impression, and I have VERY fond memories of my extensive IVAR setup from the 90's and early 2000's (it was my desk, my bar, my bookshelf...) Oh and my Trofast sectional sofa was SO comfy!


But I just moved in my newest appartment, and it's one I get to design and build myself, so I'm in the midst if installing my new Sektion kitchen, and also my new bathroom, which I've managed to dig up some vintage medium-brown Molger accessories for (Still looking for a few more to complete the look).
It's going to be a long-term project to make this space MY OWN, but I'm looking forward to it (and all the Ikea projects I get to do 💖), and I'll post updates here in the community, I guess.

Oh, but here's a render of everything (except the bathroom) in the Ikea Planning tool:



Anyway, talk agin soon I guess!

New Contributor

Hej!! Je m’appelle Isabelle de Montréal! Un de mes projets Ikea préféré a été la petite cuisinière de m fille que j’ai complètement transformé!! On peu la voir sur cette photo! 


New Contributor

Hej! I’m BST and a Life-long ikea fan. I still have my white Billy, with matching desk and wardrobe my parents bought me for me when I was 10, which was many more decades ago than I’d care to admit. I faithfully kept all of the past catalogues, earmarked with stuff I liked; I looked forward to July just so I could get the latest and see what was new or see new ways to use what I already have.  It would be too hard to pick just one favourite ikea product, so I’m going to have to pick the Hemnes line. There are so many pieces it makes it easy to pick a new piece and know that it will work with what you have. Right now I have two desks, a tv bench, 2 mirrors, a buffet, 3 dressers and a coffee table. 

New Contributor


My favourite IKEA piece is the above cabinet purchased last year.  In fact I bought 2 and find them both handsome pieces. Love the colour.



New Contributor II

Hey all, I am Sian and a massive IKEA fan.  My ultimate IKEA product is daybed similar to BRIMNES (Daybed with 2 drawers/2 mattresses) I have it in my office and great for my parents when they come to stay.  The bed is so comfy too!

New Contributor

I'm an Ikea "lifer" too!  Right now I'm sitting in my living room, looking at an Ivar shelving unit that I bought way back in the '70's and a lamp that I purchased about 20 years ago.  I used to like buying the unfinished pieces and then staining them to whatever colour I wanted.  My son, who is now almost 45 had a couple of Moppe wooden storage boxs for his Lego when he was little.  Yes, we've been Ikea fans for many, many years!!

New Contributor

Hello from Nova Scotia!
My partner and I just purchased our first home early last year and have been having a great time renovating it and upgrading all of our rental furniture into items that are more permanent. And of course a good chunk of those new (and old) furniture pieces are IKEA.
My favourite IKEA piece would be our Friheten sofa which is perfect for when we have the odd guest spend the night as we don't have a dedicated guest bedroom. I'm very excited to buy some living room furniture this year like a console table and some matching bookcases as our old rental furniture is just not cutting it anymore. 

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Hi everyone! I've been loving reading about everyone's favourite IKEA items. My newest IKEA furniture is the SKARSTA (Desk sit/stand) and I think it's my new favourite, it's perfect for my home studio! (I even got it on sale because I think it's being replaced by the Trotten series. I didn't even know until I went to look at which size table top I wanted so that was exciting!) I don't have a lot of space so being able to have it at desk height when I'm working on the computer, and raise it to counter height so I can cut fabric and make patterns comfortably is a such a gamechanger for me. 

New Contributor

Hi I am Tina, Love Ikea! Love looking at others decorating  inspiration as it fuels my own!

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Hej all! I absolutely love the #SONOS LAMP and speakers. I highly recommend.

Our entire kitchen is IKEA,  #AKSTAD white at home and SEKTION / MAXIMERA (Base cabinet with 4 drawers)  at our cottage. We have bits and pieces of IKEA throughout our home.

We are moving to a home with a small kitchen so I'm looking for space saving ideas here.

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I have an IKEA kitchen planned just need to find the time to do it before we order them.

You won't be disappointed. We even had to get creative in a corner cabinet over a stairwell as there was nothing in stock that would fit. It has stood the test of time.

New Contributor

What a great little stand! I’ve been looking for something like that for my art studio! I wish IKEA could do an artist studio room in their stores, like they do for all the other rooms in our lives.

New Contributor

Hello! I'm Chelsea, I've recently fallen in LOVE with Kallax shelves! They're so amazing and versatile, there's at least one in every room of the house and I still want more 😅

New Contributor

Hej! I"m Magnum and we've enjoyed many Ikea products over the years - the Billy Bookcase and Kallax being our favourites. We have creatively designed and colourful placemats from Ikea kitchen that we use every day - and appreciate that Ikea can provide products with both beautiful form and function. My son has a cute Ikea fox nightlight that he loves - we are currently considering a fun tent for him to play in!


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Hi I am Krista. I recently assembled the Billy bookcase with glass doors in blue. I love it and the assembly was very straight forward and easy. It fits the space perfectly and almost fits all my cookbooks. 

New Contributor

Hello Everyone,

I love the clean designs I can find at IKEA and can't choose just one item to fave... however, we get the most compliments on our chair and it's almost a fight between guests as to who gets to sit in it. LOL 

Ah the STRANDMON is so perfect for the corner of a room to set up a little reading/relaxing/napping nook! I've always loved the design on this one.


Thanks so much for sharing, Monica!

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Hej! G'day.  Im an Aussie living in Canada - moved here just one year ago.  Looking to remodel the kitchen in the next year and looking for inspiration, storage solutions and lovely quartz work top. 🙂 

Good luck with your kitchen remodel, @ToryLM! Please keep us posted on your planning and progress!

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Hej there. I like Ikea a lot. I think my favourite products are pine wood tables and chairs. I have some chairs that are only available in black now (Stefan) but I have them in the original wood. I love the thick wooden desktop - used to have one of those. I also have an insert that creates cubby holes for a Billy bookcase. I don't think those are available anymore either : ( Love coming in to browse the store. I have my eye on a gateleg table. Its one of the only ones I have seen with storage. Nice design Ikea!

The NORDEN (Gateleg table) is a great choice! Let us know how it works out for you if you do decide to get it. 

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Hi, I am Patrina and just today I purchased 2 cutlery sets from Ikea Burlington location.  It is called Krashaj.  I went online to see if I could purchase additional pieces or serving pieces only to find no listing under that name. I tried to enter the product number off the back of the box and it filled out the rest of the number for me but there is no such product listed.  Colour me confused. There were dozens of sets there, but no listing of the product. Why would that be? KRÅSHAJ (24-piece flatware set)