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Community Manager
Community Manager

How to register

We need you to register to comment, ask questions and take advantage of the other benefits of the community. This helps us keep the place free of bots, and helps you track and follow topics, or get an update when your question gets a new answer.

  • If you're already in IKEA Family, our customer loyalty program, simply sign-in.

  • If you're not, simply sign-up - it's free and takes about 60 seconds. Select 'I'm buying for my home' and complete a few quick details. Confirm your email to IKEA Family. 

  • We'll also send you a welcome email from the Community - please activate your Community account to begin posting and saying 'Tack!'


When you join our IKEA Family loyalty program, you instantly get access to all of our benefits, including getting access to member-only discounts, bonus meals, free workshops and events, not to mention free regular coffee or tea in-store!

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