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Community Manager
Community Manager

House Rules

  1. Like receiving thanks and special badges? Share your own IKEA tips.
  2. When you find a helpful comment, consider saying “Tack” (thanks!).
  3. Kindness goes a long way. 
  4. Bear in mind that IKEA does not support any modifications to IKEA products; they are meant to be used for the purpose they were designed.
  5. Help us keep the place neat: check first if your question was already answered.
  6. This space is public so don’t forget take care of your privacy and look out for other people’s, too.
  7. Keep conversations respectful regardless of your point of view.

  8. This site is here to help you not to sell a product. Please go to a marketplace app if you want to sell anything.

  9. Need help or see a mistake? Flag a comment for our moderators.

  10. Are you a detailed person? Read our Privacy Policy or the full Terms of Use.
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