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This space is for you. Say ‘hej’. Get answers to a few questions. Share some bright ideas. Swap your best tips. It’s easy to sign-in to ask a question, to like comments and gain badges.
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Welcome to the community

Welcome ​ Why not join us by creating a profile here Say Hej to other members and introduce yourself here and subscribe to the list there (see the Options drop-down, just below the main pic). You'll be notified when there's a treat to check out.​ We’...

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Ranking and badges - valuing your contributions

We value what you're doing, and we like to say Tack! for the effort you put in to help and inspire each other in this community. Beyond the simple thumbs-up on comments and answers themselves, if you contribute to the life of the community, we'll rec...

myamoah1 by Community Manager
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How to register

We need you to register to comment, ask questions and take advantage of the other benefits of the community. This helps us keep the place free of bots, and helps you track and follow topics, or get an update when your question gets a new answer. If y...

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Tour of the community

Why not join us by creating a profile here Your community has three main rooms: Inspiration - to share your successes, your best tips, your challenges. Comment on your fellow contributors' posts, like and share. Ask Community - the help section: sear...

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House Rules

Like receiving thanks and special badges? Share your own IKEA tips. When you find a helpful comment, consider saying “Tack” (thanks!). Kindness goes a long way. Bear in mind that IKEA does not support any modifications to IKEA products; they are mean...

myamoah1 by Community Manager
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Labels and tags - help each other find what you need

We ask you always to label your posts to the IKEA Community. You are also free to tag items with topics you think it would be helpful to link them with. You can select more than one for any post, if relevant. This makes searching for relevant informa...

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What do you think of our new Community?

Tack! for being here. You make the community what it is. We think you're awesome. The Team at IKEA are listening out for your feedback. We'll use it to guide what we do to improve the space. What works for you? Have you used other communities online?...

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Introduce yourself - say Hej!

This thread is for our new joiners - help us welcome you aboard by saying Hej! Don't give us your private details, but share a little! What's your best beloved IKEA product? (Tip: you can hashtag it to bring up our stock image). I'll start. I'm Adam,...

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